MobileTech & Videomaking: “phonography” lab

MobileTech & Videomaking: “phonography” lab

The course will provide the fundamentals of video production (filming, sound and editing), the means and accessories to be used for video production with your i-Phone, recommended apps, mounting on i-Phone and sharing, the pros and cons of using a smartphone and the recommended conditions, general notions on image composition and picture story, the “phonography” language.

The course will also show some editing notions with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie to offer a perspective on using the shot for more complex and articulated productions.

How and who

Duration: 1 day
Time: 09:30-16:30
Max number of participants: 35
Target audience: Freelance, Videomaker, Press Offices, Journalists


Nico Piro

See his profile on Wikipedia

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