Introduction to containers: a practical session using CoreOS and Docker

Introduction to containers: a practical session using CoreOS and Docker

The course (2 days) aims to introduce the participants to the basic concepts of containers: from their location in the landscape of cloud technologies, implementation with Linux Containers until their use in modern platform as a service. After this overview of the containers, it will present in detail CoreOS, the emerging operating system optimized for container handling. The course will focus on CoreOS features but also on its versatility, such as native support for Docker containers. Through a practical workshop you will first install a full environment, and then through exercises, the participant will realize applications based on small containers. Finally, it shows the integration with Kubernetes and the open source PaaS DEIS.

How and who

Duration: 2 days

Time: 09:00-18:00

Max number of participants: 7/8 

Target audience: Software developers, IT architect.

Requirements: Basic experience with Linux. Laptop with a VirtualBox and a client ssh (for example, Putty).


school   Alessandro Martellone

Passionate software engineer with an interest about open source projects and cloud technologies. He supervises the technical activities of Elastico.

See his profile on Linkedin

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