Ethical Hacking (fundamentals)

Ethical Hacking (fundamentals)

Released from this course you will not be able to start a cyber war or to stop the engine of a car racing, but you have learned to control if your company has locked the door of your network. The course will provide a brief overview of TCP / IP protocols and fundamentals during exercises will show simulations of cyber attacks to consenting server. The course objective is to provide a presentation of the main tools to check flaws in corporate security systems. The main topics will be: fundamentals of TCP / IP protocols, packet analysis and flows; basic operation of wired and wireless networks; Kali Linux distribution, main components; useful commands in Linux; smelling the network: Wireshark; Intercept communications: Ettercap / Bettercap; mapped network / host / vulnerability, Nmap; some observations on wifi and voip.

How and who

Durata: 1 day

Time: 09:00-18:00

Max number of participants: 15

Target audience: System administrators, System server administrators


Massimo Carnevali

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