Cyber Security Awareness Session

Cyber Security Awareness Session

To protect your information are not enough a firewall and an antivirus. Computer security is not (only) a technological problem: you need organization, method and awareness.

The course objectives are: understanding the basic concepts of computer security and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data; risk analysis and cost-benefit-budget – simplicity; analyzing who are the “enemies” and what drives them to act (social engineering, Spam, phishing and surroundings); Data Loss Prevention; security in web application development; considering the human and organizational factors; knowing the current legislation and useful websites.

How and who

Duration: 1 day

Time: 09:00-18:00

Max numbers of participants: 15

Target audience: IT managers, Business and Security Managers


Massimo Carnevali

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school   Massimo Carnevali

Massimo Carnevali è un manager con 30 anni di esperienza nel mondo IT, maturata prevalentemente all’interno di IBM. Negli ultimi anni ha anche iniziato a lavorare in ambito comunicazione e nuovi media. Ha sviluppato competenze IT, sia sulle infrastrutture che sugli applicativi, nelle principali aree specialistiche (industria, banche, settore pubblico, università e ricerca, etc.) e competenze operative nei settori della comunicazione, sia online che tradizionali.

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