A journey into the cloud with Openstack

A journey into the cloud with Openstack

This course provides participants with the basic concepts of a “cloud” – from the infrastructure (IaaS) to the services (SaaS) – passing by the main patterns adopted to the reference architectures. A practical workshop will allow each participant to install a small cloud OpenStack, the open-source de-facto standard solution.

The course objectives are:

acquire basic skills on the cloud and test live an open-source solution;

learn about the different cloud solutions to understand the differences between them and choose between them.

How and who

Duration: 1 day

Time: 09:00-18:00

Max numbers of participants: 8

Target audience: IT managers, sales engineers, developers;

Requirements: Basic experience with Linux. Laptop with a VirtualBox and a client ssh (for example, Putty).


school   Alessandro Martellone

Passionate software engineer with an interest about open source projects and cloud technologies. He supervises the technical activities of Elastico.

See his profile on Linkedin

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